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This dashboard tracks data on the New York City economic recovery following the shutdown of the city due to covid-19 and its phased reopening, which began on June 8, 2020. Key indicators shown below follow two main categories: Consumers and Business Spending, and Employment and Hiring. As traditional economic and labor market data sources have significant lag time, this dashboard pulls from a wide range of unique sources from Seated Diners to Foot Traffic to Job Openings.
Data updated: 7/17/2021 


Seated diner data tracks the amount of people seated in restaurants in the city, comparing daily reservation volume in 2020 vs. same day 2019 as the baseline.

Foot traffic by location

Foot traffic data are aggregated from smart phone apps, anonymized for privacy protection and then summarized by % change from baseline periods. In this case we are showing % change by location for preceding week and from a pre-covid baseline.

MTA Ridership


MTA Ridership


Consumer Spending

Consumer spending data comes from aggregated credit/debit card transactions, tracked by the company Affinity.

Rent Index

Rent index data comes from Zillow, showing the average monthly rental price for all unit types.

Job Postings

Job postings data are aggregated from job posting sites, de-duplicated and summarized by monthly total volume. This data point is helpful in understanding business activity that precedes actual hiring.

All Industries

30 Day Job Postings Trend Comparison


30 Day Job Postings Trend Comparison

Arts & Entertainment

30 Day Job Postings Trend Comparison

Restaurant and Hotel

30 Day Job Postings Trend Comparison

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